This is the first part of wordpress customization series. In this tutorial i will discus about removing menu from wordpress  dashboard. Removing a menu from dashboard doesn’t means that the menu has removed forever but it is just hide from admin screen.

WordPress is a very popular cms (Content Management System) that provide us a very usual and easy back end environment. It is provide most of the things you needed to manage yor website application.

How to remove wordpress menu page from admin dashboard ?

A wordpress admin’s top level menu can be remove by calling a custom function into admin_menu action hook.

In the above example remove_admin_menu_page() is a custom function which is calling in admin_menu action hook. This function contains the remove_menu_page().

  • remove_menu_page($menu_slug)

remove_menu_page() function received a required parameter $menu_slug that is the slug of  menu page which is going to remove.


The above example shows how can we remove different menus from admin dashboard screen.

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WordPress customization part 2 – Renaming dashboard menus

Hope guys it will help you to customize wordpress and our series to customize wordpress is continue. Keep visiting our blog and please share your views on comment box.