PayUmoney is a payment gateway provider in india. we can set up payumoney payment gateway to our small business and as well as all types of business. Here i will describe that how to use payumoney with Laravel 5.

We are setting up a laravel tzsk/payu package for integrating payumoney payment gateway to your application.

PayUmoney tzsk/payu Package

tzsk/payu is a payumoney payment gateway integration kit for laravel 5.2  developed by Kazi Mainuddin Ahmed.

Now starting to explain the way of integrating payumoney payment gateway to laravel 5.

Step 1: Open your terminal / command prompt and find the root of your application like follow


Step 2: Type the following command and press enter key

composer require tzsk/payu

after pressing the above key your composer will start downloading of tzsk/payu package from github repository.

Payu install

Package configuration

Step 3: After installing the package, you will need to add your service provider and facade to config/app.php

Find the providers array in app.php file and add the following line.


Find the aliases array in app.php file and add the following line.


Step 4: When all things will done, run the given below command


when you publish the above command, you will see config/payu.php file generated and a migration is also created in database/migration folder.

payumoney vendor publish

payu.php file

test credentials are already set into it like test key and test salt. 

Step 5: Create payu_payments table in your database . Run migration to create it.(Note: you will create a database and set it into .env file of your application)

your migration table has been created into your database. this table is optional for you.

Step 6: Create the following routes in your routes/web.php


Step 7: Create the PaymentController and use Payment namespace


Now guys your payumoney payment gateway has been integrated successfully into your laravel application and you can access it localhost:8000/pay, you will be redirected to payumoney payment gateway


Here you will fill the bank details and test the payumoney payment Gateway.

You can also find the more advance details here

PayUmoney conclusion

Hope guys this post will help you integrate payumoney payment gateway with your laravel application. keep visit our blog and stay updated with new features. If you feel any problem, you can use comment box.