What is Google place autocomplete address form api ?

Google place autocomplete address form api service is used to predict the places according to your search address. When you enter a place name google returns you a list of places. You can choose your appropriate address  and it will fill your desired address into your input field automatically.

When you select an suggession api returns a json or xml data which can be used as you wish into your fields. Now the question is How to use this api ?.

How to use Google place autocomplete address api ??

Step 1: Include the following stylesheet for styling purpose into the head section.


Step 2: Add the following HTML code into the body section.


Step 3: Add following javascript code after your container end.


Step 4: Add following Google Place autocomplete address api.


Step 5: Now Put all code together


Now your form is look like the following picture. When your page loaded it want permission to track your location, click on allow button.

Google place allow location


After allowing to track your location , type your destination address and google suggest you as shown on below image.

Google place Autocomplete api

When you choose one of the suggested address, you will see it fill automatically you state, country and zip code information. as shown above.

You can also see full documentation of this api here

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I hope guys it will help to implement Google place autocomplete address api. keep visiting to our blog.