Bootstrap validator is great plugin to validate a bootstrap form. It is a simple and bootstrap friendly form validation plugin for bootstrap 3. It is flexible, customizable and ajax enabled functionality to your bootstrap form.

Bootstrap Validator installation

there are two ways to install bootstrap validator plugin

  1. Download zip package manually from
  2. Use Bower to install


Bootstrap validator plugin’s basic requirements

Bootstrap validator requires jquery and bootstrap 3 so include the following files into your head section


Bootstrap validator plugin is develop to use with bootstrap so your form should be structured according to bootstrap classes.

According to bootstrap validator’s documentation if your form is not structured with bootstrap classes you detect the following error in console.

Name Conflict

Basic properties of html can create the conflict with bootstrap validator plugin. You should not use name your form element into name or id attribute of form elements. like submit, reset, length, method etc.

If you use submit to name of submit button , you will not be able to submit the form after successful validation.


Basic Bootstrap form

Calling Plugin

You can read all plugin options here

if you will try to submit the form without proper validation you will get the error messages as display in image.

bootstrap validator error messags

If you will all fields properly, you will get all fields with green borders as given below.

Bootstrap validator success message


Bootstrap validator plugin is very light weight and user friendly validator plugin. it is a good alternative of jquery form validator plugin.Bootstrap validator plugin provide localize packages and you can define your custom messages to display on the browser. To work with bootstrap validator plugin you should read the full documentation and all options.

You can see a demo of this plugin here

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